Blood Binding

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Category: Spells

To perform this battle ritual, the Wicca must draw blood with a bladed weapon that's been specified before the adventure. As the blade deaws blood, it will steal a small portion of the creature's essence, which the Wicca must consume by tasting the blood. Once completed, the creature will be unable to kill the Wicca, although it may still cause wounds or other sources of harm. Likewise, the Wicca will not be able to kill the other creature unless the magic of the ritual is lifted by the Wicca's will.

Wiccas have used this ability to capture and train creatures that would otherwise cause heavy damage to a Wicca community, such as dragons, giant spiders, and similar beings. In desperate situations against more powerful foes, they also use this ability to preserve their lives by creating a stalemate scenario.

Core Magic Type: Wicca

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