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The Common Words Mechanic

'Common Words' are special Words of Power that also define special offenses, defenses, and abstract talents that define a character's general Common actions and abilities.

These common words can be as refined or as broad as desired. All the way from Light to Radiant Sunshine to Holy Sacred Blessed Radiance of the Brightest Suns and Stars of the Heavens'. Choose your own complexity and humor, at will. The first person who has to understand it is you - and then you can explain it out, too (this may be redundant in the case of the last, but feel free to be as elaborate and dense as you desire.

Gaming/Game Mechanic(s)

If a character (player or loreteller just the same) has this ability listed, this ability can be assumed roughly. Changes can be made, or simply adapted in formal name.

These words can be used to describe Auras, Abilities, Powers, Talents, Specializations, Skills, or any other keyword of your choice(s) -- even on a per-ability basis... but also as a category such as a race, class, origin, or development in character as well.

Sources of Common Words

Common Words can be gleaned from any number of real-world game sources, available widely and freely, as well as for purchase. There are endless Internet forums which cover varieties of topics too endless to list here, with all the creativity of hundreds and thousands of active users (and several ... dozen / many, in public and in private gaming groups) on the World Wide Web. Searches will reveal so much that you can continue to refine your searches for interesting inspirations.

Users' Common Words

LoreleJade's Common Words - inspired by... many sources.

LaesaMajestas' Common Words - inspired by... who knows what?

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