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These dice are created in pairs. They are attached to their creator, at first.


This item's attachment is dependent upon the attached one possessing or holding at least one of the dice during the rolling of both.

If both are rolled by the attached one, the dice will choose a single number (roll one die, and both dice will come up with the same result) and both dice will come up with that number.

Normally, the dice roll is as random as a mundane die roll, but there are known to be variant Dual Dice which can be 'called' by the one to whom they are attached.

Attached Roll Conditions

These dice display their special abilities under certain conditions:

  1. Whenever one of the dice is rolled by one who is it attached to, while the other is held (by anyone):
  2. Whenever one of the dice is rolled by another while the one who it is attached to holds the other:
  3. Whenever both of the dice are rolled at the same time (roughly), and one of the rollers is the one to whom they are attached:

Attached Roll Effects

  • If one of the dice has already been rolled, the die being rolled will roll and land showing the same number as the other Dual Die.
  • If both of the dice are rolled at the same time, they will both roll and land showing the same number as the other.

Variant: "Controlled Roll" Dual Dice

Some create specific trick dice to 'call it', and the dice will roll at the attached one's whim.

Normal Dual Dice simply roll as randomly as normal dice, with no trick ability to 'call it' and tell the dice how to land.

If neither of the dice has been rolled, and the one to whom it is attached whispers or mumbles a number, the die being rolled will come up as the desired number, and the other die will follow suit to land the same (when it is next rolled).

Possible Uses

  • Amusement / toy to children
  • Parlour trick / humour / entertainment
  • Gambling (rigged, to win a bet / dare)
  • Drunken wagers (& the resulting confusion)
  • Battles of wits
* A puzzle / riddle / challenge: "Call it: do you think [which] will land higher, lower, or the same?"
  • Attempts to 'dis/prove' the randomness vs. reliability principles
  • Argument resolution
  • "Okay, you can have a cookie today if you can roll higher than me."

Mechanical Uses

  • When using 2d2, 2d3 2d4, 2d6, 2d8, 2d10, 2d12, 2d20, 2d30, 2d100, or 2d(insert-novelty-die-e.g.-d34-etc-here)

When you use an item that functions as the Dual Dice in-game, you may roll a single die (of the appropriate type), and both of them will come up the same.

If you possess the 'call it' Dual Dice, you may use them for intentional boasting with an advanced check on your ability to not 'tell' (depending on the opposition's ability to sense your bluff/truth). You may also 'call it' with any other roll of them that you perform as the attached holder.

Rumors & Stories

"And then the Bard came and gave the boy and girl each a die, and said 'whenever you must find out who is right, each of you must roll one, and whosoever rolls the highest one will be the one who is right.' And then, a long time later, came the day, the boy and girl fought, and agreed to roll the dice. And when they did, they realized in their confusion that they had to solve this problem together, just like everything else they had up until that point."

  • There are a pair of Dual Dice which actually are only a pair of coins. The heads of which may be changed, and always display equal wear and tear of their condition, but also renew themselves while being held by up to two different kindred (brothers or sisters) they are attached to, who can 'call it'.
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