Echo Reality

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Category: Spells

This spell may be cast on any surface where a reflective surface is present and exposed within 20 feet of the caster.

The next creature (and all objects worn or held by it or object that attempts to "enter" the mirror in any way (by jumping in, walking in, running in, diving in, being thrown in, etc), switches places with the mirror reflection. It then immediately exits the mirror the way it came but in a "mirrored" (opposite) direction.

This spell may be cast by blind creatures, and also in complete darkness.

Example 1

This spell is cast on a rock, and that rock is thrown at a mirror.

The rock flies towards the mirror, enters the mirror, and then flies back out in exactly the direction it came.

Example 2:

A creature is falling down towards a frozen pond from a distance of 200 feet. The pond has a reflective sheet of ice along its surface.

This spell is cast on the ice. The creature falling towards the ice "enters" the ice, then is immediately expelled out. Its original falling momentum throws it several feet in the air above the ice surface. Then, as gravity's pull overtakes the momentum, the creature then falls backwards, landing on the ice. Compared to the original 200-foot fall, it survives the ordeal relatively unharmed.

Core Magic Type: Illusionist

Compatible: Chaos Wizard, Fairy, Necromancer, Warlock

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