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This is an emerald-green, magical species of spider that grows to about 2" in length. They commonly inhabit forested areas and caves, but are also known to inhabit peopled areas. They typically feed on grasshoppers, flies, moths, and other medium-to-large-sized insects, and are not poisonous to creatures larger than a few inches.

The firmwire spider spins its web at night, generally creating a typical sheet web to catch insects while protecting itself in a funnel web off one side of the web. Webs can be large -- up to 6' in diameter, although it's rare for them to have a diameter wider than 2'.

The strands of the sheet web section are pliable but unbelievably strong -- generally being much stronger than steel. The funnel web is equally strong but is rigid, to protect the spider living there. Over time, these webs will begin to break down -- deteriorating over the course of 18-24 months and losing their stickiness after 1-2 months. However, the extent of this deterioration is limited, and the strands will always be at least as strong as leather thongs.

Firmwire spiders have the unique ability to affect these webs without difficulty, and are able to do everything with them that a typical spider does with their own web.

Firmwire Spiders As Nuisance Creatures

When they live in inhabited areas, these spiders can become a great nuisance. The spiders have been known to build webs across footpaths, on windows, across doors, over cellar entrances. Removing them is nearly impossible, and usually involves significant damage to the surfaces which they've attached to. Travelers have sometimes come home to find a population of these spiders living in their homes -- building their webs on paintings, over pottery, and on other valuables. This can lead to the ruin of a significant amount of property.

Many villages hunt these creatures adamantly, and will often pay a generous bounty for those who find them. Sages sometimes are also often willing to pay for live specimens, which provide them with several important ingredients for their potions.

Occasionally, those who can speak to nature are called in to persuade the spider to remove its web, informing it politely that its web will cause damage to this structure, and it will not enjoy its time here as well as somewhere else. It is rumored that Firmwire Spiders must be argued against with a sheer force of logic in this manner to persuade them to take up residence somewhere else more comfortable -- and specifics must be provided, occasionally even a tour, before they can be persuaded to remove their home and take it up elsewhere. Some spiders have been rumored to be so kind as to have even left the webbing for the use of the patron who they so offended, occasionally even crafting to order before leaving, depending on how charmed they were.

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