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Welcome to the "Richer World" RPG Project

The purpose of this site is to promote a "richer" roleplaying and fantasy genre experience. LaesaMajestas, the founder of this wiki, encourages you to integrate the elements presented in this wiki into the fantasy worlds you create. Our community is dedicated to sharing ideas for magic, creatures, classes, equipment, events, and other things found in fantasy realms. The goal is to collectively create a free and available idea base for anyone who wants to enrich their fantasy world.

Our Fantasy World Philosophy

We believe that too many of the current fantasy realms that exist are too direct, too literal, and too focused on combat. It is our belief that a more diverse and entertaining fantasy world can be developed if:

  • Magic is fundamentally "messy", with no obvious use. This forces the user to be creative, and naturally drives the storyline.
  • Creatures do not necessarily have combat value. A fantasy world should include creatures who are unable to defend themselves (harmless insect) or who are inappropriate to fight (plants, creatures that die when in proximity with other creatures).
  • Magical items have both strengths and conditions under which they work
  • Power comes with an equally (or nearly equally) large cost

We believe that these tenets are followed by many of the greatest fantasy writers in existence (Tolkien, Terry Brooks, etc.), and that they are a sound basis for a new generation of roleplaying -- one in which battles are not the core component.

We Are An Open Community!

We'd love for you to join us! If you'd like to become a member, please e-mail us at, and we'll set you up right away. We'd accept registration from our wiki, but we just can't keep the spammers out. That being said, please consider yourself formally invited to join us in enhancing our existing resource base, and evolving or community's philosophy.

Suggested Starting Points For Browsing

Creatures (or Category:Creatures)

Items (or Category:Items)

Potions (or Category:Potions)

Spells (or Category:Spells)


Tourmaline, a White Mage / Illusionist campaign.

You can also start by checking out the Indices/Indexes. Other special pages include all pages and categories.

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