Orb spider

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Category: Creatures

This unusual nocturnal spider is dull black in color, and about one inch in diameter. It is like all other spiders except that it has a unique manner with which it spins its webs. Its poison is not damaging to humanoids.

The orb spider constructs its nest first by finding an area where magic is highly concentrated. It then develops a tapweb- a specially formed spiderweb that channels magical energies. Only the orb spider is able to make this. It channels this energy into a central core of webbing, which will give off a dull glow from then on. The spider surrounds this core with a sphere of webbing, with a single access passage to the center to maintain the webbing there. When night comes, the glowing orb attracts insects, which approach the light and are caught in the webbing.

Magic using creatures observe the orb spider as an indicator of high magic concentration, and will often build magic guilds and mage schools in their locality. Many wealthy people who live in the locality of these spiders will encourage their growth, and will coax them to line their paths for night walks and their gardens and yards for their own enjoyment. Those who live among many orb spiders are rarely plagued by night insects.

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