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The Phoenix Toad lives in dry grassland regions in the overworld, and in certain areas of the Underworld, where the area suits their needs. The Phoenix toad is large for a toad- usually about a foot in diameter, and is covered in very thick skin. They have a lifespan of no more than one year. The meat of a Phoenix toad is considered a delicacy, and there are creatures that make their living simply by catching these toads and selling them to royalty and wealthy families. The meat is also very easy to preserve, and will stay good for several weeks once the toad is captured. The Pohoenix Toad is omnivorous, and prefers insects and new plant shoots.

These toads get their name because of the way they reproduce. Their mating season is at the height of summer- heat induces them to mate. The female digs a large hold with its spiny back feet and croaks for a male. The male seeks out the female, and when they meet, they will usually lay several thousand eggs. The female then covers the hole, and the two seperate. The female will be able to mate again after two days pass. The eggs will then lay dormant for as long as 2 years. They can only be brought out of this dormancy by incredible heat, such as one brought upon by a wildfire. When subjected to this heat, most of the eggs will die, and the rest will begin to form into adult toads. After four weeks, the adult is formed, and the toad will emerge from the ground and begin its life. Thus, shortly after a wildfire in the grasslands, there is a boom in the population of the Phoneix Toad.

The Phoenix Toad is also one of the few creatures that can survive a wildfire. It does so by digging itself into the ground, and using its thick skin to weather out the blaze, It then situates itself next to carrion, living off the flies and eating the shoots of the plants that survived the blaze.

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