River Anemone

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Category: Creatures

This is a flower of unsurpassed beauty that grows in vines alongside rivers in wooded areas, climbing along the trees and sending runners into the water in a thick web. The iridescent, oval-petaled petals of these flowers are highly sought out for both their beauty, and because of their magical properties, as a vital ingredient in many potions.

Over the centuries, these flowers have developed a symbiotic relationship with the equally beautiful tuttlefly, which flocks these flowers, cross-pollinating them while harvesting their nectar. When any insect, bird, or other creature approaches these flowers (other than the tuttlefly), they experience a magical shock that is powerful enough to kill nearly anything smaller than a medium-sized bird. The flower instinctively recognizes the tuttlefly's magical signature, however, and spares them from this magical shock.

The River Anemone is capable of spreading from cuttings and through its root system, and can survive without the tuttlefly. In areas where these flies exist to protect and inhabit among them, however, they flourish considerably, and their flowers are much more abundant and beautiful.

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