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This is the light and durable material which Sages use to seal their potions. Sage Glass is created through an alchemical trade secret that all Sages learn at the start of their training.

When first mixed together, Sage Glass is malleable and easily shaped by hand (without adhering). Freshly mixed Sage Glass merges with solidified Sage Glass without trouble.

When creating a potion or other concoction, a Sage can compartmentalize multiple parts through creating compartments and using some extra left-over Sage Glass as a sealant.

Sage Glass is durable and can contain even highly-concentrated and condensed magical energies without any volatility and can endure the roughest of jostlings and knocks, but shatters harmlessly after being thrown, or upon significant impact. It can be made transparent, translucent, or opaque; and it can be tinted using natural dyes for coloration.


[ ] Many sages learn a magical/arcane cantrip which allows them to conjure a ball of sage glass once per minute, as a minimal talent.

[ ] Sage Glass is typically activated by being hurled through the air at high speed (even falling from a drop/launch/trajectory), which causes the glass to begin to destabilize.

[ ] Once thrown, upon the slightest impact, Sage Glass will (usually) shatter into worthless shards of harmless glass, releasing the contents within.

[ ] After Sage Glass is activated and shattered, over an hour: it degrades into a nearly-undetectable neutral powder; and over the course of a day: evaporates into nothingness.

[ ] Sage Glass shatters into a standard shard of minimal but harmful glass which does not dissolve easily except when recombined.

[ ] Recovered Sage Glass can be combined with a new mixture at a high temperature.

[ ] Sage Glass can be reabsorbed using a magical cantrip to conserve and recover the latent magical energies.

[ ] You must be touching it to cause the reabsorption.
[ ] You can cause reabsorption / dissolution of a vial (at a time) of Sage Glass at a short distance.

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