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This is the "lucky coin" of the legendary scoundrel known as Skein, and is considered a legendary artifact.


Originally, the coin was either a gift given by Skein's grandfather -- or was stolen, depending on the source. At this time, it had no power, but was made of the purest platinum or gold (see below) and was hundreds of years old, at least. The lettering of the coin is of a type that is not known of or seen anywhere else, and it is assumed that it is the currency of a lost civilization.

In size, it's slightly larger than a US silver dollar, and three times as thick. The purity and quality of the platinum/gold alone would make it enormously valuable, and its age, antiquity, and magical powers make it priceless.

Attachment Conditions

For this coin to become attached to a creature, it must be gained dishonestly -- by taking it from the owner's body after murdering them. If it is acquired by trade, theft, purchase, gamble, or otherwise, none of the attached abilities are activated.


As Skein carried this coin throughout his life, he met with many magicians and other creatures of power who have enriched it with numerous powers.

Those who have studied the coin agree that it is heavily enchanted -- the number of enchantments possibly ranging in the hundreds, and some kept secret by Skein.

This coin is capable of using multiple powers at once. Of the powers held by the coin, the following are known:

  • Attached Powers

Indefinite Spin: If placed on an edge and spun, this coin will continue to spin indefinitely, until it is physically prevented from doing so. If it strikes an object during its spin, it will wobble and gradually resume spinning once more.

Glow: Upon the user's will, this coin will glow as brightly as a newly lit torch, and continue to do so for as long as the user holds it.

Coinsight: If placed on a surface, the individual to whom this coin is attached may see out of every surface of the coin as if in the room. The user must be within 50 feet of the coin for this to work.

Bait: The creature to whom this coin is attached may activate this ability as this coin is placed down on a surface by the caster. The next time the coin is touched, it will send a strong electric shock into the creature touching it.

Metal Type: The creature to whom this coin is attached may, at will, choose whether it is made out of platinum or gold. This change can be willed regardless of the distance between the caster and coin.

Draw: The creature to whom this coin is attached will always know where the coin is. When not in contact with it, this creature will feel slightly "pulled" towards it at all times.

  • Powers Given To Holder

Balance: When placed on edge with this intention, the coin will remain perfectly balanced on that edge for as long as a surface remains for it to balance on. This use of the coin can be terminated with a thought by the user at any time.

Night Vision: Anyone who holds this coin is granted night vision, and can see in the dark as clearly as if it were filled with daylight.

Perfect Gambling: If this coin is used in a gambling capacity, it will never lose. However, this power comes at a cost -- the coin will cause the loser of the bet to remember the loss for the rest of its life.

  • Continuous Powers

Lasting: This coin will never rust, corrode, tarnish, or degrade.

Durability: This coin may only be destroyed by the heat of a volcano or magic-born fire-breathing creature such as a dragon.

Enthrallment: Whoever looks at this coin and desires money of any type find the coin beautiful and fascinating, and will be drawn to stare at it compulsively.

Weight: When held in the hand, the coin feels slightly heavier than it should. When in a pocket, pouch, or container, it feels almost weightless.

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