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The teneo is a species of magical tree that can be found almost anywhere in the world where the conditions would be suitable for a normal tree to grow. They are, however, rarely found in nature, and when they are, they do not bloom or reproduce.

This tree is well known for the white flowers it produces - if the tree has been planted at the burial point of a creature, the smell of these flowers will bring memories of the life of whomever is in their final resting place beneath.

Care Of A Teneo

While the teneo is a flowering tree, it will only flower under ideal conditions. Careful, daily grooming, watering, conditioning, and maintenance is needed to bring a tree to bloom -- even a single day can mean a lost season. Additionally, the tree will not flower until it's at least five years old -- and must be cared for just as meticulously in the meantime. Because of this, only the most dedicated, determined caretakers will ever see a bloom.

The quality of the bloom (including the size and number of flowers, the power of the visions, and how long the flowers stay potent once picked) depends entirely on how well the tree is cared for.

While it will not bloom, the teneo is actually very resilient to neglect and abuse. The tree itself has been known to be resistant to fire, disease, and drought even when completely ignored. A strong teneo is virtually indestructible to anything but a sustained and concerted attempt to destroy it. Furthermore, a teneo is virtually immortal -- no specimen that is well cared for has ever shown signs of aging or related deterioration.

Uses In Society

The Teneo is sometimes called the "Widow's Tree", as there are many accounts of a young widow or widower nobly dedicating their life to the tending of a tree, thereby keeping the memory of the ones they love alive. It is also known as the "King's Tree", as some nations have planted a grove for their nobility instead of building a tomb, thereby honoring their fallen kings and queens, while also creating a sacred and beautifully personal history of their nation.

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