Tourmaline - 06 - Autumncrestfall

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    • Where were we?
  • Asleep with one shoe on.
    • Then I suppose what happens next is up to you.
  • Tourmaline is awake enough to choose to rest longer, or can get up, sometime after Firstdawn.
    • Rest longer.
  • Jerin gently touches her shoulder, with the subtlest jostle.

"Milady, it is near Secondrise."


It cannot be! Do not slander me so, Sir Jerin!
    •  ::: Rolls over with a playful "hmmph" :::
  •  ::: Jerin playfully chuckles after a moment :::

"I could let you rest for a day, if you so desired, perhaps."

    •  ::: flops back over with a comically frustrated sigh :::
And how can I find peace with that cacaphanous snortle you bestow upon by bedcha-- bedchair?

"Well... shall I let you rest the day away? You did seem so weary last night... you hardly touched your tea... and fell asleep in your..."

"...bedchair," he chuckles, after pausing.

Oh, my tea!
    •  ::: looks forlornly at the cold cup :::
Jerin, my knight! You must save me from this ferocious, cold, dark, cup of tea!
My modest powers shall not heal that frosty brew!

He gestures to the steaming cup. "I brought you a refreshed warm cup."

Oh! La! My shining hero!
And for you, gallant one.
  •  ::: waves hand, transforming his clothes back to royal attire :::

"Yes, milady. All is well. You have a cup of tea, and freshly baked biscuits. Some of the townsmen are back out and about in the town for the daylight hours, and my sister is safely here, as well."

Oh! So she is safe! That's wonderful!
But alas, I shall surely perish myself! It is more than I can bear!

"And there is greater yet, news -- she brought twins to the world this past year."

    •  ::: falls back in a mock faint :::
Alas, and yet I shall never survive to see them in the flesh! O tragic day!
Woe is me!

"Oh, tomfoolery, you put them all to sleep last night."

No, it is not that! It is something far more pressing!

"...the... faerie creature?"

    •  ::: points theatrically towards the plate of biscuits in severe alarm :::
  •  ::: Jerin goes to the plate and brings them to you :::

"There, you shan't expend energy you haven't, to reach for them."

Back! Keep them away! Foul! Wretched!
The very seeds of evil themselves!

"My my, are we always so fussy in the morning?"

A vile corruption! Biscuits there are, but no honey!

"They may not be your home-cooked strawberry rhubarb, but they are certainly edible and sweet."

    •  ::: wraps blanket tighter and sulks :::

"Ah... honey was used in the mixture, but if you so desire honey, I shall seek it out, shall I?"

You shall not see my services this day without fresh honey bestowed upon me.
    •  ::: wavers hand over head, and a glittering princess crown appears :::
    •  ::: passes hand over the rest of her, and she is garbed in princesses' clothes :::
  •  ::: wordlessly, Jerin leaves with expedience at the honey remark :::
  • Tourmaline notices, with her morning's faculties, that her white garb with gold trim is purely white, before she casts illusion upon herself.
    •  ::: laughs heartily and without ill :::
    •  ::: stands and awaits her knight :::
  • After a few minutes, Jerin returns with a small container of honey with a spout.
    •  ::: waiting with a royal air :::
Hast thou brought my royal nectar, good Sir Knight?

"Honey, for the queen bee herself."

  •  ::: taps his temple ::: "Kindred minds."
    •  ::: Flings herself towards Jerin, wrapping her arms around her neck :::


  •  ::: falls back, unprepared for T's weight :::
    •  ::: beams and snatches the honey from Jerin :::

"Shall I leave thee to morning's quiet?"

Sir Jerin! You stumble under a feather! Remember your training, noble knight!
    •  ::: touches his chest with her hand lightly. Magic glows out, and his paunch lessens a bit, his muscles bulge slightly :::

"Oh, foo, you mistake a cobbler for a knight. You must indeed finish your tea to recoup your faculties."

    •  ::: eyes shining :::
I shall see you Knighted yet, kind sir!

"I think that was formally accomplished last night, was it not?"

Ah, but these hallowed walls are no place for a proper knighting!
    •  ::: sits with you to eat socially, taking a second cup of tea :::

"You seem brighter-eyed this morning, you must rest like the saints."

I sleep with my soul unburdened. It makes for a light heart, and heavy sleeping
  •  ::: Jerin takes a bite of a biscuit with honey :::

"So, milady, what have we on the agenda for today?"

    •  ::: snatches the biscuit from him :::
  •  ::: Jerin sips his tea, instead :::
No honey for you! We need you trim, my knight!
    •  ::: and makes another biscuit with the honey :::

"The honey is from a well-tended hive, and it is of the best quality here. The fall flora provides it the sweetest taste, does it not? I shall indulge, as you, equally."

    •  ::: looks up suddenly :::
Wait! What is this? I detect evil in the room.
    •  ::: looks around narrowly and mutters arcane, spell-like words ::::
    •  ::: Jerin makes a sign of two crossed index fingers before his nose, wide-eyed :::
    •  ::: points dramatically to the biscuit, which glows suddenly ::::
It is your biscuit! Its temptation is evil!
    •  ::: Jerin smirks, lets go of his cross :::
I must save you from it!
    •  ::: snatches biscuit again :::
  •  ::: fights you with speed to grab the biscuit :::
In fact, look at the honey!  ::: said in between struggling :::
    •  ::: honey glows :::

"Milady, I think you are simply being contrary to desire all the honey for yourself, O Pure One."

    • (You can hear the deliberate capital letters in his voice.)
La! Art thou saying that I am need of losing weight?

"If you will eat all three of those biscuits at once to save me, I will refrain from the biscuits and honey before me."

The honey has already taken hold of you!

"Breakfast has taken hold of me, and if you shall seek to deprive me..."

    •  ::: solemn :::

"...I shall surely withe--"

I have no choice.
    •  ::: tries to shove all three in her mouth at once and fails :::
  •  ::: Jerin, laughing, with speed quickly grabs a biscuit, drops honey on it, and shoves it in his mouth as you do so :::
    •  ::: falls over in chair on the ground, laughing and covered in honey and crumbs :::
Ah! Betrayal from my sole Knight!
    •  ::: stands up and glares, with her hands on her hips :::

"Milady, when you are ready to hear, you must let me tell you about my sister, Ariella, and her twins this year she brought to the world: Ariella and Ambrosia... of course, with the help of her midwife, Mera."

I shall see the children after all!
Yes! Do tell! Do!

"The twin who cried out last night, Ariella, you helped bring to tranquility with your story."

    •  ::: smiles, calmer now :::

"They were one of the few groups of people who sought shelter here in the monastery. Most of the rest of the town fled of fear of the War."

"And many thought the haunting was just the final straw."

What besides the haunting has befallen these people?

"Talos seems to have divined that the creature you brought in last night... he is responsible for the shadows... but he is unwell. He is like a rabbit, shivering with chill in the cold, gently nibbling at the bread you gave him... it seems the only thing he will eat... and he will only drink water."

Then I shall make him more with dinner!
Those shadows very well may have saved his life.
Who knows what they held away!

"The War has been threatening and looming for months upon months now. Perhaps that other Knight we met said is related. It seems odd, I woke up today, and I see no War out the window, still. Do you not agree?"

Agreed I do!
But... we still know not what killed the bulls in the woods.

"That is true, I cannot say what happened in the woods. The horses are well. Starfire and Magnus are playfully and gently horsing and flirting about in the pasture, gently grazing the wild grasses."

Oh, this war. Who would want to bring war to these gentle lands?

"The Northern Kingdoms have been at War, so it seems, we hear. Or the town here along the North-South Traderoad here heard."

"I have heard naught of this War, even, myself, only a town across the road."

"Then again, I have heard naught of the fourth road at the cross-road... it was always a junction to me."

And what does our caretaker have to say?

"He admits he knows the War exists and that it is North of here. There have been enough stories from the merchants who pass through to confirm it. If any disorder is found, they will send forth a Judicary Magistrate to ensure Order is upkept; from somewhere, a Knight from a Kingdom will come to preserve Order... and it subtly draws us into a War."

    •  ::: very serious now :::

"This incident is rumored to be able to create enough attention to warrant their presence, or they shall insist upon their presence."

"We must try to keep the town's appearances up. Thsi is why they retreat here at night, but travel about in teh day."

And have I made the streets of this town safe?

"If our friend has been the source of the shadows, you may have very well saved this town a plague of incidents. However, with only but a few families and foreigners, who are committed to helping from the desert lands... it is meager the resources we have."

That will have to be enough. These people are strong.

"Ariana plans to stay here with Mera -- they already are committed to this home. The autumn lands have the richest cold rains."

"The twins will likely grow up with the woodcutter's family here; they are already 8-9 months of age... is it not wonderful?"

And shall you stay to protect them, Knight?

"I should see that the men here stay proper, and contribute my resources... I have become a journeyman for a reason -- and you have been the element to bring me out of mine."

"A wood-cutter's family can be a great ally to one who can craft them from wood -- but I shall be better -- I shall give them the best insulation and padding, and build from the best woods we all can find."

    •  ::: places her hand on his cheek, near his neck, and looks into his eyes softly ::::
And I travel by nature, Sir Knight.

"I shall make for you two pairs of these! One for you, and one for anyone you desire!"

But remember always this: For a time, you were a knight, in every respect.

"I am set so forward in my future... I can feel my calling. I can help you, as needed, with what resources I have here.

"I shall take the best attention I can to the role of Knight I can for the defense of this town. I shall learn to rally the troops, and help with my sister and her midwife."

If it is your carving services you offer, then I should like a walking stick and a strong wooden bowl.

"Her midwife, Mera, might be of your acquaintance... she appreciated your skills last night. She said you knew magic. I craft my magic by hand."

I do know magic.

"It is just her words. I, of course, understand. I bear no ills nor prejudices, if I can help it, in the world."

"...magic would be useful to me, in making exceptional shoes!"

(Prepare your actions as well.... I've set him like a forward arrow for the moment -- he's on his way, you're on yours. Sagittarius' Arrow.)

(Capricorn's Creation: cardinal earth. the initial start or introduction; earth - matter, material, coins, tangible materials, solid... the creation or establishment of a 'kingdom'.)

In exchange for my two gifts, take these.
    •  ::: hands him two coins :::
I should want them as you see them fit to be made for me.
The coins I give you are not for spending. They each have a gift of magic within them.
This coin ::: points at one with a circular rune ::: has the power to make you invisible for a time. Rub it, and it will release its magic, but only once. Use it to save your life, or another, if needed.
This coin ::: points at the other, which has the rune of an anvil ::: will give you great durability, but only for a moment. No matter what strikes you, even the fire of a dragon, you will be unharmed. But again, it may only work once./
I leave these, and this town, in your protection, Jerin.
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