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Category: Creatures

The tuttlefly is a magical flying insect that is prized for its powerful poison its pair of beautiful, large (9” long), iridescent wings. These wings are hard as gemstones and are sought after to be used for jewelry.

The body of a tuttlefly is shaped similarly to that of a dragonfly's, and can be nearly a foot long in adult specimens. The tuttlefly is rarely found living anywhere but in a growth of river anemones, where this flowering vine provides it with both food and protection.

The tuttlefly is capable of inflicting a highly poisonous sting, which it will aggressively seek to inflict on any creature that approaches either it or the river anemones that it inhabits. This poison is of legendary potency, and has been known to kill creatures as large as half a ton in size in minutes.

Because of its potency, an ounce of poison from one of these creatures is valued at twenty times its weight in gold. A live tuttlefly has been known to sell for more than fifty times its weight in gold, while the eggs of a tuttlefly sell for well over a hundred times their weight in gold. They have never been successfully bred in captivity, and it is not known how their breeding occurs.

Greedy (and foolhardy) treasure-seekers have hunted this creature persistently, and have eliminated it almost entirely, save for the most remote places.

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